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Get a one-of-a-kind front porch makeover!

Take advantage of our back to school for teachers mini porch makeover special.  ONLY $175 (valued at $350)!

Complete the below registration to claim your mini makeover and we'll contact you to schedule at your convenience.  Claim the special now and get the makeover before Oct 31st.

You MUST submit a photo of your teacher ID to qualify.

Payment due 2 weeks before installation.

What's a mini porch makeover?

It's not a complete makeover of your entire space ~ instead we style your existing space by adding elements of fall decor in our signature Rusty Petal style to a specific area.


This can be done using repurposed planters filled with a variety of fall potted plants and flowers mixed with select vintage decor.


Designs will vary based on porch size.  You never know what we may come up with but we can guarantee both you and all your guests will love walking up to your door!

Have more questions?  Feel free to reach out to us.  We are happy to give you answers!

I want a makeover!

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