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we have answers!

But I already have landscaping?

No problem!  We can work with what you have and add our special touches to make it a space you want by creating interest and charm


What if I have an HOA?

HOA's can be a challenge to creativity and style, we know.  Our designs are tastefully curated and styled to enhance your space.  And if you want to be especially bold there's always the back yard!

Where do we find the goods?

We are professional pickers! We hunt the great state of Texas and find forgotten treasures that can be repurposed in fun ways. 

Do you have your own treasures? 

We can use those!


What to plant?

We are all about native landscapes!  They are typically low maintenance and work well in our climate.   Plants and flowers enhance the  design.  We can use as much or as little as you want based on your needs.

How much is this?

Everything is custom!  We build around your budget. 

Our secret sauce is that we love to thrift & repurpose.  So we can make a lot out of a little!

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