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Here's to the Girls 
covered in dirt 
instead of glitter

Sisters in every sense - Michelle married Melanie's brother and so began this beautiful bond

Both homegrown Texas girls who share a love for family, food, gardens and vintage finds!  


Meet Melanie & Michelle


Who IS Rusty Petal?

A happy accident that progressed naturally.  Two sisters fusing love of vintage and gardens creating unique landscapes.

Five years ago we lost an important member of our family & inherited some amazing treasures.  We also purchased properties - so began the journey.  All the new treasures had meaning to us so they couldn't be let go.  The love of landscapes & gardens was already there.  And who doesn't love a good mix of rusty finds in the garden!?  The rest is history!  We turned our landscapes from drab to art in one season.  Before long we had the attention of friends and neighbors.  Our yards were the talk of the town.

One day the doorbell rang and a complete stranger asked for help with their new boutique hotel.  You may know them - Country Dome Suites, Bellville TX.  Instantly a dream was realized & Rusty Petal was born.

Our style is completely Texas with a bit of personality.  We embrace imperfections & transform them into art.  Michelle has an eye for the uncommon & Melanie leans into artistic expression.  The fusion of their individual styles make these sisters unlike other design teams.  We turn repurposed and vintage finds into a tasteful reflection of you!

2022-04-24 11.30.07.jpg

We don't mind that it's CHIPPY and OLD
We don't care if it's
faded, rusty or worn
the STORY behind it
the HISTORY within it
and the PATINA on it

2022-04-08 11.05.47.jpg
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